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Since the establishment in 2011, Urhai Community Service Center has worked very closely with the Chinese American Service League to train individuals 55 years and older, and are low income to provide them with experience in different fields so they become able to find jop opportunites when they are relased from the Title V Program.

In the past years, Urhai Community Service Center was able to provide this service to many seniors who completed 2-4 year of training period through helping clients with providing information, assisting with various applications, filing, learning how to use office machines such as fax, copier, and computer.  We are proud to mention that some of our Tilte V participants through their training period they became professional users of computer, internet, and facebook.

If you are 55 years old, low-income, and have problems locating a part time job, please call us at 773-275-2688 for more information.

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