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Urhai Events

Check out the events we have going on below.

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Urhai Community Service Center's Back to School Shoe Drive is a Initiative to help low income households' children through these tough times by providing them with a free pair of shoes! 

Call Urhai Community Service Center for eligibility information: (773) 275-2688


Assyrian New

Assyrian New Year or “Kha B’Nissan” which means “First of Spring" in Assyrian, is the beginning of the new year among the indigenous Assyrians of northern Iraq, northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and northwestern Iran, celebrated on 1st April of every year.


This year celebrations involve many activities starting Friday March 3rd and ending Monday, April 1st.  The activities include special opening ceremony on Friday, 3/29, Basketball Tournament from 10m to 5pm on Saturday 3/30, party with famous Assyrian singers Saturday evening 3/30, parade on Sunday, 3/31 at 1:00 pm on King Sargon Boulevard, Western Avenue between Peterson and Pratt, and closing ceremony on Monday at 7:00 pm at Urhai Community Service Center, 2965 W Peterson Avenue in Chicago.

For more infomation refer to the posts below. 

We hope you will come out and bring in the new year


Janan, Fatin, & Ramsen!

On March 30th, at 7pm, there will be a party in honor of the Assyrian New Year 6769! Guest singers will include: Janan Sawa, Fatin Shabo, and Ramsen Sheeno. Tickets are $45 at the door.

For tickets and info please call:





In the morning of the 30th, at 10am, there will be a basketball tournament! 10 teams are competing to become the Assyrian New Year Champions! The games will take place at Webber Leisure Center in Skokie! 

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